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9/21/2017 Member News
Goodwill Manasota receives international awards for market leadership

BRADENTON, FL – Goodwill Manasota earned significant recognition during the recent Goodwill Industries International summer conference in Charlotte, N.C. The organization won the “Market Leadership by Share of Used Goods” award for having the highest market penetration of its donor market; “Market Leadership by Donations” award for capitalizing on the highest proportion of its available used goods market; and “Operational Excellence” award, for donated goods retail operations that exemplify superior operational efficiencies.

Goodwill Manasota has received the “Market Leadership by Share of Used Goods” for four years running; this was Goodwill’s third “Market Leadership by Donations” award and second “Operational Excellence” award. The organization is evaluated in the medium-sized agency category, which includes Goodwill agencies with revenues between $26.9 and $57.3 million, one of the largest categories.

“We are honored to accept these awards on behalf of the teams that generated these results,” said Donn Githens, Goodwill Manasota vice president of operations. “The men and women who work at Goodwill Manasota are truly exceptional and these awards recognizing their performance - specifically Operational Excellence - are something about which we are all proud.”

During the annual conference, Goodwill Industries International recognizes Goodwill agencies that have maximized revenues, capitalized on the highest proportion of the available used goods market, and been efficient in running their operations. Goodwill agencies turn donated goods into revenue; this revenue is used to strengthen the community by offering services and programs that assist people in all walks of life, whether they are trying to find employment, better themselves through education, or transition from military to civilian life.

“We are extremely proud of our organization and the great things that we are able to do because of the leadership from our board of directors and hard work of our professional team, with the generosity of our community,” said Bob Rosinsky, president and CEO of Goodwill Manasota. “We are pleased to be recognized as a top achiever in the Goodwill system, generating revenue in our community to help support job training and placement, and other needed services for people with disabilities, veterans, or others with barriers to employment.”

To learn more about Goodwill, call (941) 355-2721 or go to

About Goodwill Manasota
Goodwill Manasota is an industry-leading, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that changes lives through the power of work. With the sales of donated goods and philanthropic donations, Goodwill is able to assist people with disabilities and other barriers to employment by providing job skills training and employment opportunities. In 2016, Goodwill Manasota served 28,207 people, placed 755 people in jobs and assisted 240 veterans as they reintegrated back into the civilian workforce. Goodwill Manasota’s economic impact back to the community is worth $92.1 million. Goodwill is one of the pioneers of the reduce-reuse-recycle movement and this past year diverted more than 40 million pounds out of the landfill. We accomplish our mission through a network of Good Neighbor Centers in Sarasota, Manatee, Hardee and DeSoto counties and our Mission Development Services (MDS) around North America. Goodwill Manasota is accountable to a local Board of Directors. Goodwill Manasota, in essence, belongs to this community and is not owned by any individual or company. For more information, visit


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