Initiative I. A Friendly Climate For Employers – And The Jobs They Create

Objective: Reduce the cost of doing business and grow out economy through successful advocacy for business:

  • Keep officials mindful of the political benefits of a business-friendly environment
  • Quash enterprise-killing taxes, fees and permitting
  • Consolidate select government services to reduce pressure to increase taxes
  • Retool the 2050 Plan to secure a continuing economic recovery in greater and more in the resurgent market

Initiative II. Strengthening Key Locales – Cores, Conferences & Corridors

Objective: Support development of core business areas: downtown, St. Armands Circle and others

  • Catalyze the construction of a destination conferences center, providing 200,000 sq. ft. and 100,000 salable sq. ft., for $44.6 million in new annual spending and $1.1 million in city and county taxes
  • Convert 12,500 current seasonal hospitality workers to year-round hours and wages, and add 700 new jobs
  • Fast-track and renovation and revitalization of North Tamiami Trail
  • Support creative new enterprises and growing small businesses

Objective: Add 500 residences to the downtown business district in the next three years

  • Provide new clientele for retail merchants
  • Develop a rich mix pedestrian activity

Initiative III.  A Ready-for-Work Labor Force

Talent4Tomorrow:  Innovative Solutions Through New Partnership
"Florida faces an emerging Talent Gap - an urgent shortage of resource as basic as food, more valuable than gold and in higher global demand than oil. This crisis in human capital represents a vast and growing unmet need for a highly skilled and educated workforce - our state's most important resource for driving sustainable economic development and a diversified economy."
                                                                                 - Florida Council of 100, Closing the Talent Gap

: In response to this crisis, Talent4Tomorrow’s goal is to create a more competitive and resilient workforce that benefits the economic and social future of our region. Assuring that our citizens have the career tools and our employers have the talent they need to compete and prosper in the ever-changing economy of the 21st century is paramount.

To accomplish this, we are forging new partnerships and exploring new opportunities to work in unison with existing worthwhile projects, programs and organizations so as to leverage efforts and align resources. The vehicle to be created to accomplish this is one that has worked well for the past decade in communities across the state and nation: A Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 20 Council led by business and including top level educators, government officials and foundation representatives.

As we embark on this major undertaking, we are finding new ways to continue our work to raise the economic development potential of our community by increasing the number of ready to work high school and post-secondary graduates, especially in high-demand fields.

Here are a few examples of T4T work

  • Supporting student mentor ship programs, especially those focused on early childhood through high school.
  • Developing business-led apprenticeship programs for college students and externship programs for educators.
  • Creating a mechanism to help businesses recruit, retain and develop young workers via expanded leadership and community engagement programs.
  • Creating  a web portal with current and relevant resources about the today’s and tomorrow’s  labor market along with  programs and services for use by employers, educators, students, parents and job-seekers aiming to upgrade their skills and train for in-demand occupations.
  • Analyzing existing educational legislation/ policies and advocating changes as needed. Check out the T4T video!

We want to hear from you!
Please email Mimi Cirbusova with your feedback, thoughts and suggestions.

Initiative IV.  Building On Sarasota Tomorrow Successes Our Economic Engines—On Afterburners!


Invent innovative activities to supercharge to growth of our newest economic sector

  • Attract 100,000 visitors/year to international competition—class rowing at Benderson Park
  • Leverage new facilities for baseball and soccer to grow our spots tourism market
  • Create a youth baseball academy to attract new visitors
  • Capitalize on world-class soccer facilities
  • Optimize great Sarasota’s next sport/recreation market segment, e.g., swimming
  • Multiply current tourism dividends (ongoing)

The War Chest

Sarasota Tomorrow-Next will reserve 15-20% of the funds committed as a quick-response treasury for unforeseen challenges and opportunities.  A ready reserve was key to the Sarasota Tomorrow role in defeating 2010’s growth-killing Amendment 4, recruiting the Orioles, and securing funding for excellence, among other significant victories.


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