From 2008-2011, Sarasota Tomorrow invested in activities and projects which have led to significant positive economic impact upon Sarasota County. The projects Sarasota Tomorrow supported created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of positive economic impact. According to an independent economic analysis by Policom Corporation, a national economic development research firm, Sarasota Tomorrow returned $416 to the greater Sarasota economy for every $1 invested.

As a result of Sarasota Tomorrow’s foresight and leadership the following projects were made possible.

Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Comes to Sarasota:

When the Cincinnati Reds took their spring training out of Sarasota, Sarasota Tomorrow set its sights on the Baltimore Orioles.  After months of travel and negotiations, Sarasota Tomorrow helped bring the Orioles to Sarasota.

Net jobs: 410
Average wage: $29,000/year
Total annual impact: nearly $12 million

US 301 Highway Rebuild Fast-Tracked:

Sarasota Tomorrow gave its support and leadership on lobbying to secure the $45 million advance funding to fast-track the Highway 301.

Net jobs:  619
Average wage: $42,780
Total earnings: $26.5 million

Attracting New and Expanding Business:

Through Sarasota Tomorrow, resources were used to lead the tax exemption for good jobs referendum, an incentive to attract new investment and jobs.

Net jobs: 1,513
Average wage: $50,633
Total earnings: over $76 million
Tax revenues: over $4.3 million

The Charge Against Amendment 4:

The funds invested in helping lead the charge against the enterprise-killing Amendment 4 was successful. Through an intense messaging campaign, Sarasota Tomorrow, as one member of an alliance of partner organizations, managed to turn a projected two-to-one passage of the business-stifling amendment into a two-to-one rejection.

7,087 jobs saved
$20,700,000 in taxes saved

Increased Bond Cap Vital for Construction:

The effort we dedicated to assist getting the bond cap raised to accelerate vital construction programs yields:
Net jobs: 1,081
Average wage: $42,000
Total earnings: nearly $43 million
Tax revenues: over $1 million

Rowing Comes to Sarasota:

The Nathan Benderson Park is on its way to becoming an internationally acclaimed rowing venue- all championed by Sarasota Tomorrow and the generous and strategic contributions of its civic-minded investors.
Annual Economic Impact: $4,500,000 to 49,000,000     


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