David Lafferty, Chair, Class of 2013

Stacy Dillard-Spahn, Incoming Chair, Class of 2010

Taylor Aultman, Class of 2012

Jay Berman, Adult Class Chair, Class of 1998

Dean Crowley, Class of 2003

Susan Flynn, Finance Chair & Immediate Past Chair, Class of 2007

Anna Foster, Class of 2015

Beth Green, Adult Class Co-Chair, Class of 2009

Tim Gruters, Class of 2011

Karl Hees, Youth Leadership Chair, Class of 2013

Lisa Hess, Youth Leadership Co-Chair, Class of 2014

Kameron Hodgens, Program Development Chair, Class of 2011

Syd Krawczyk, Class of 2012

Sonya Kristie, YEA! Chair, Class of 2014

Chris Sharek, Class of 2005

Linda Starcher, Alumni Committee Chair, Class of 1992


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Welcome to the Leadership Sarasota County Class of 2017. 


LSC has been instrumental in helping me get to really know my community and what it's needs are. In addition, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the hundreds of other LSC graduates in our community and many of them have become close friends and business alliances. It has been invaluable in every way.

Larry Face, Next Level Achievement